Louis Khan, National Assembly Building of Bangladesh

Louis Khan, National Assembly Building of Bangladesh

Impact Investing

Our investment approach is simple and direct - you can capture risk adjusted market returns while simultaneously making a difference in peoples lives.  The solution lies in the proper development and interaction of private enterprise, engaged value creation and scale - when combined with leadership and governance, build the core foundation of successful private equity impact investments.

The Osiris Approach - Transformative Investments

Transformative investments sit at the intersection of disruptive innovation, entrepreneurial capitalism and inclusive development.  The Group manages fiduciary capital for private and public sector partners strengthening community resilience with ventures leapfrogging social development, economic prosperity and sovereign growth.

  1.  Servicing critical needs in rural and semi-urban frontier markets (Growth Equity Investments) in Emerging Asia

    • five Impact Sectors: Climate Security, Food & Agg Security, Data Security, Healthcare and Financial Inclusion

    • 4 core countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka

    • mobile money p2p success increasing velocity in rural communities

    • rural electrification and EPZ (economic processing zones) creating rural jobs and opportunities

    • as more opportunities in rural and semi-urban areas emerge, rural/urban migration trend is now reversing; and as income levels grow, core and discretionary spending also growing

    • spending choices are limited with lack of access to suitable products and services serving these communities

    • creates disruptive innovation opportunity with affordable and accessible products closing needs-gap deficits and passing the "toothbrush test," a product or service that is used at least once a day, making life better

    • Creation of the largest middle class in human history happening in Asia right now