Our Three Practice Areas for Transformative Impact

grassroots transformative investments passing the “toothbrush test” – consumer products used at least once a day making life better for the rural masses is our focus area for fiduciary investments.  Operating in multiple frontier countries today, this practice has extensive sourcing, structuring, government and operating expertise in mobile financial services, tertiary rural healthcare, renewable energy generation and digital media investees scaling disruptive innovation.  This investment area focuses on early stage, growth equity ventures and separately, utility scale climate mitigation/adoption solutions with sustainable infrastructure projects.

roads, ports, airports, rail, and telecom networks are the conduits of trade and mobility.  Electricity fuels production and clean water underpins public health.  There is an urgent need between the public and private sectors to close the funding gap and unlock community and business benefits from infrastructure investment.  This practice area works with multiple partners sourcing and creating “bankable” projects with guidance around innovative financing solutions, cross border financing and pipeline development of well-prepared bankable projects providing appropriate risk-adjusted returns.

innovation is applying new approaches to address existing problems serving unmet needs.  From a development perspective, an innovation is a new solution with transformative ability to accelerate impact.  Innovation has been and will be pivotal for reaching sustained, scalable solutions to the world’s most complex problems.  This fiduciary practice areas uses the power of disruptive innovation, entrepreneurial capitalism and operational expertise to source and scale young, local talent seeding frontier ventures touching hearts and minds while transforming communities for the better with VC investments.