Who we are

The Osiris Group is a boutique private equity firm scaling innovation in frontier markets.  We are the financing engine for profitable disruption - intentionally building systems of the future, rather than the past.  A top priority for the firm is allocating “patient” capital into transformative investments leapfrogging long-term development, prosperity and growth.  Pioneering impact investing in Asia, the Group integrates public policy, multi-disciplinary connectivity and operational leadership, creating sovereign alpha while best capturing risk-adjusted growth returns.

Transformative investments sit at the intersection of disruptive innovation, entrepreneurial capitalism and economic development.  The Group manages fiduciary capital for private and public sector partners (NGOs, banks, PE firms, government and multinational development agencies) strengthening community resilience with projects leapfrogging social development, financial prosperity and sovereign growth. Disruptive innovation in Frontier economies improves the domestic transmission mechanism while reducing the cost of capital, a precursor to a virtuous cycle where the HOLISTIC investment process is not only financially rewarding, but truly transformational.

Unlocking human potential, unleashing human possibility