Louis I. Kahn, National Assembly Building of Bangladesh

Louis I. Kahn, National Assembly Building of Bangladesh

Impact Investing

Our investment approach is simple and direct - you can capture holistic risk-adjusted market returns while simultaneously making a difference in peoples lives.  The solution lies in intentionally manufacturing systems change for the underserved scaling ventures catalyzing “grass-roots” sovereign development.

The Osiris Approach - Transformative Investments

Transformative investments sit at the intersection of disruptive innovation, entrepreneurial capitalism and inclusive development with delivery of essential services across rural/urban socioeconomic spectrums. Scaling deficit closing public policy investments in low-income economies helps meet basic needs, creates domestic jobs, improves livelihoods and upgrades technological productivity, a virtuous cycle precursor where portfolios enhance community resilience while capturing top-tier, uncorrelated market-rate returns.

Servicing Critical Needs in Rural and Semi-Urban Frontier Markets (Growth Equity Investments) in Emerging Asia

  • five Impact Sectors: Climate Security, Food & Agg Security, Data Security, Healthcare and Financial Inclusion

  • 4 core countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka

  • mobile money p2p success increasing velocity in rural communities

  • rural electrification and EPZ (economic processing zones) creating rural jobs and opportunities

  • as more opportunities in rural and semi-urban areas emerge, rural/urban migration trend is now reversing; and as income levels grow, core and discretionary spending also growing

  • spending choices are limited with lack of access to suitable products and services serving these communities

  • creates disruptive innovation opportunity with affordable and accessible products closing needs-gap deficits and passing the "toothbrush test," a product or service that is used at least once a day, making life better

  • Creation of the largest middle class in human history happening in Asia right now from the bottom up